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Archery parcours on the ammer-bow grounds

pürschling + laber

Our two "beginner"-courses - the ideal choice if you are shooting for the first time or have little kids with you. The courses lead through the forest on the west side of the Kolbensattel without major differences in altitude, so the footwear requirements here are not quite as high - but please note: You are outdoor! If you expect gravelled paths or even stairs, you will be disappointed :)

With a length of about 600 yards each, the courses are easy to master even for shooters with less stamina (the "Pürschling" is the "tamer" one) and even beginners rarely need more than 1-1.5 hours for the 14 targets each.

ammerbow bogenparcours - puerschling

You feel fit for a short mountain hike and are equipped with mountain or trekking boots? You are not afraid of some physical activity and rough terrain? Then the "Kofel" is the right choice! 14 destinations, spread over ~400 ft of elevation difference, are waiting for you.

But be careful: the first part of the course is a quite relaxed downhill... On the ascent back, however, it is important to bring your pulse rate down to normal range before shooting - otherwise you will be facing a tough search for your lost arrows... Depending on your "mountain ability", 2 archers need about 2.5 hours for the "Kofel".

ammerbow bogenparcours - kofel

The 14 targets of the "Zahn" are located about 300 ft. elev. diff. (10-15 min.) below our station and are designed as an extension of the "Kofel". For the 28 targets of the combined tour ("Kofel" + "Zahn") you should already bring some experience and condition, as well as an appropriate time cushion (approx. 3,5h for 2 persons). Due to the duration and the limited number of our bows, we can offer you the use of "Zahn" only if customer traffic permits.

ammerbow bogenparcours - zahn
Archers with own equipment

Für Schützen mit eigener Ausrüstung ist die Kombination „Kofel“ + „Zahn“ mit insgesamt 28 Zielen vorgesehen; für die kurze Feierabendrunde könnt ihr aber auch gerne „Laber“ und/oder "Pürschling" besuchen. Oder alle vier, wenn's ein Tagesausflug sein soll ;). Bitte beachtet die Parcoursregeln und Nutzungsbedingungen. Compoundbögen und Armbrüste sind auf dem Parcours nicht gestattet. Sollte unser Verleih geschlossen sein, bitte im Parcoursbuch eintragen und die Tagesgebühr in einem Kuvert in die Kassenbox werfen.

(Bei hohem Besucheraufkommen kann es im "Laber" und/oder "Pürschling" zu Wartezeiten kommen - wir bitten hierfür um Verständnis.)


Also a longer bow vacation in our area is worthwhile, 8 further Parcours are attainable within 90 minutes by car.

ammerbow bogenparcours - parcours in umgebung
Course rules

The following rules apply to the entire Ammer Bow site (course, firing range, etc.) and are part of the T&C:


  1. The use of the course is generally only permitted after filling out the "Declaration of Use".
  2. The instructions of the staff must be followed.
  3. Each shooter must be healthy and physically and mentally normal resilient.
  4. Minors may enter the course only in the company of adults with the written consent of their legal guardians.
  5. The use of the course under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited!
  6. Only traditional bows without sighting device are allowed (no compound bows, crossbows or similar).
  7. Only arrows with 3D, bullet or field tips are allowed (no hunting, medieval or similar tips).
  8. Damaged or lost equipment must be charged according to the list.
  9. Violation of the course rules may result in expulsion.


Stay in the course:

  1. The course may only be entered during the specified opening hours.
  2. Dogs must be kept on a leash!
  3. Smoking is prohibited (danger of forest fire).
  4. Special consideration is required towards walkers, mountain climbers, etc.!
  5. Walking on the course is only allowed in the given direction and on the marked paths. Danger to life!
  6. The course may only be left at the designated places.
  7. In case of storms and thunderstorms, the course must be left and shelter must be sought. Shooting is prohibited if visibility is obstructed by fog or the like.
  8. Allow faster persons or groups to overtake if possible.
  9. Please pause only at the rest areas.
  10. Please take found arrows, broken arrows and waste with you and hand them in or dispose of them at the stand.


Shooting rules:

  1. Aiming and/or shooting into the air, at people, animals, trees or the like other than the intended target is strictly prohibited!
  2. Before shooting, each shooter must make sure that the target area is clear and that there are no persons or animals in front of, behind or next to the target.
  3. Arrow insertion, cocking and shooting may only be done at the firing stake, only in the direction of the target and only when the target is clear.
  4. Occasionally special launches (tree stumps or the like) are possible, these are marked and can be used alternatively at your own risk.
  5. Only one person may shoot at a time, the others wait behind the shooter.
  6. Each archer is responsible for his or her own shot, in the case of minors the adult accompanying him or her, or legal guardian.
  7. The bow may only be drawn from the bottom up (no "overhead" draw) and may only be held high enough to prevent a shot over the arrow catch (wall, counter slope, net, catch mat).
  8. Before each shot the arrow must be checked for damage - especially after misses against stones or similar! Damaged arrows must not be shot under any circumstances. Danger of injury!
  9. The shooter has a maximum of 3 shots per target, the round is finished with the first hit.
  10. Only when all participants of the group have shot, the arrows may be fetched.
  11. When pulling the arrows out of the target, ensure sufficient distance to the rear. Risk of injury!
  12. If arrows have to be searched for behind the animal, the target must be marked by a person or a leaning bow to indicate that the target is not free.
  13. Arrows may only be carried in the quiver (never in the hand!) - risk of injury!
  14. The bow must never be "shot" without an arrow ("empty shot") - risk of breakage!
  15. Launching positions and targets must not be changed arbitrarily. Please report any damage to targets, pegs, etc. to the operator.

The exact observance of the rules is urgently required to ensure a smooth and above all SAFE operation!